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  • I don't know if everyone already knew this, but here it is:

    I was having a lot of trouble trying to run this off of battery, whether the LiPo's that are sold as accessories, or a 3 AA holder at 4.5 V to the Vin Pin, or a 6V battery run through a 5V voltage regulator to the Vin pin. After over an hour of trying different things and getting only gibberish in the serial monitor, I decided to disconnect the FTDI cable and try my battery power options. All 3 work with the serial header disconnected. So, for development and debugging, run your ESP8266 off USB power, which works fine with the FTDI cable connected, then work off your power selection in deployment.

    If there is something I am missing about this, I'd love to hear a suggestion. I need to power an H-bridge at 6V, so I thought a voltage regulator off that main supply could power the Vin pin on the Thing, since the Vin range on the spec sheet is 3.3 - 5.5.V.

    So for now, while I work on my code, I'll power the H-bridge only off the 6V and the Thing from the USB micro connection. I can't wait to get this all pulled together. Now that I have learned some off the tricks to using this Thing, I already have a few other ideas for it.

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