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  • You're probably referring to MOST bus. theres one company i know of that sells units to interface with this bus: It's probably very expensive. DIY solution would be interesting but most likely not possible with an 8-bit controller or anything like that. Unless there exists some specialized silicon that interfaces with the bus, you would have to build something custom. The bus can carry many channels of digital audio as well as control signals, so it would probably need a fairly fast processor, something 32-bit maybe? I haven't done much research on this so feel free to correct me.

  • Anybody know how I can get some simple digital i/o going through this ala the good ole Holtek HT640. All I really want is a sort of wireless doorbell. I want to avoid using a microcontroller on either end if i can help it. If i can get digital i/o through this cheaply (only need 1 channel!), the i figure i can stick that onto some pin of the serial or parallel port of an old pc. Basically looking for a super cheap way to get a single digital i/o input into a pc wirelessly. Help an electronics noob! Thanks

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