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  • Oh hmm… SERCOM0/PAD2 should probably also be “D8” (it’s PA06, page 21 of datasheet).

  • I think you have a bug in your “SERCOM – Configurable Serial Ports” table for SERCOM2 PAD2. I think this should be “D2”, at least on the mini (probably for dev as well). The datasheet for PA14 (page 22) shows “SERCOM2/PAD[2]” and “SERCOM4/PAD[2]”. The schematic for the mini shows PA14 wired to D2.

  • I’m curious about the overhead/efficiency of the power regulation on board. Will this work if I plug a lipo (3.7-4.2v) into VIN? Does it have the same DC-DC converter and LDO voltage regulator pair that the Zero has?

    Basically I want to run this for 7 days from a 2500mAh lipo, which I think works out to an average current of 13mA. I’m hoping to make heavy use of standby mode to accomplish this, but I’m worried about “station keeping” components such as the regulator(s).

  • Scroll down – the first section of the second page shows this switch.

  • I think these are colored the same way as resistor bands: wire 1 is brown, wire 2 is red, wire 3 is orange, wire 4 is yellow, wire 5 is green, and wire 6 is blue. (I still think they should have started with 0-black though…)

  • Hmmm… something fishy is going on. wc -c hardware/arduino/bootloaders/atmega/ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328.hex gives me 5533. However wc -c hardware/arduino/bootloaders/optiboot/optiboot_atmega328.hex gives me 1467, which is 3.7 times smaller. (Yeah I know that’s not really the way to measure the bootloader size on device.)

  • No worries. I was just wondering what the Pro Mini I got for Christmas had running, and whether I could squeeze out some more RAM or boot time by going to optiboot.

  • Which bootloader is this running? Looking in hardware/arduino/boards.txt in my Arduino 1.0.5 app I see pro5v328.bootloader.file=ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328.hex. Is that correct? Could I use optiboot on this instead?

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