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  • Love Nate's shirt! "Shrodinger's Cat - Wanted Dead AND Alive". - As Shrodinger postulated, If you don't know then its both:-)

  • I live in Upstate New York (Rochester). I would go if they brought a class to anywhere in New York.

  • Man I'm lovin Thursdays new product goodness! You guys rock!

  • Love that there are more avenues becoming available like Ponoko etc., that are making it easier for individuals to do their own prototyping or testing of ideas. It�s starting to get easier to move an �idea� into the physical real world. Curious to see what transpires in the next few years!

  • Thought you guys and gals might be interested in this if you haven't seen it already. A family sent up a balloon and had some great footage to share. Amazing that the tech is becoming affordable and accessible for pretty much anyone to do this. Check it out pretty cool!

  • Glad to hear the good news. Kudos to you guys for picking up the phone and engaging in reasonable dialog. So many times these things just blow up into epic legal battles, from which the lawyers are the only real beneficiaries. I�ve enjoyed your site immensely. I�ve checked in on it at least a few times a week for years now, if not for anything more than to see what�s new and see what cool tech stuff people are doing. I really believe you guys are on to something, empowering the masses with technology, and knowledge. It used to be that you had to have �connections� or work for a big company, or jump through several hoops to get your hands on certain chips, components etc. just to BEGIN to develop an idea. Even if you got that �hard to get� component, trying to use it was your next hurdle, where as the documentation was poor, if there was any at all! I figured it made sense that something this good was going to be squashed out as it�s really gaining momentum, but you have prevailed!

    Glad this is behind you. Keep up the good work!

  • I have the magazine but have yet to read the article, I'll have to check it out.
    Regarding this project, well done! Very cool man!!! Can't wait to see some action video on this.

  • Very cool project!

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