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  • Has anyone had a problem running the camera with 5 volts?

  • Anybody else have any experiences changing out the lenses? Really interested in this capability.

  • Also, on the ft232 and the like, you are able to configure certain settings with the D2XX drivers and windows. How does this work with a usb host chip such as the FT311H and FT312D? \

  • Has anyone used these effectively? I am currently using the FT311 Android Host chip and am experiencing some strange problems with the UART to USB transfer. I have found very little documentation on what exactly makes it through the uart to usb conversion. I have reached out to FTDI but no response yet. When sending a character from PIC32 to Android a byte makes it through every once in awhile and when it does it is usually surrounded by alot of null characters. On the other side, I have a PIC sending the data RX by the PIC to another TX to a computer terminal to view the data. On this end I get streaming amounts of characters that make no sense. Anybody else experienced this?

  • Anybody attempt a 360 degree implementation yet? I would like to attach a 360 degree mirrored lens to it.

  • Any luck with intercepting the data?

  • How was your progress using the SD Sniffer to manipulate files on the SD card after they had been written by the Hack HD?

  • Thank you greatly for you information. I found the config file after a little further inspection of the resources. I have a few questions about your project that you are using the HackHD for. I am assuming you are tagging the photos with the gps location based on timesteps or by editing the metadata of the image. What format is the image taken in? Also, are you able to access the sd card using the Arduino Uno without removal from the HackHD. I have a feeling I may need to device a workaround to get at the SD card lines in order to read to my microcontroller for some manipulation over SPI. Lastly, anyone know of a 360 degree option for the lens?

  • Could you provide a littler more elaboration on how you used the still image mode? Could this be controlled by a micro-controller completely bypassing the streaming feature? I would like to use as a still cam and then pull the images off of the sd card with the micro-controller as well. Are there any other I/O options other than the video out?

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