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  • Yeah it starts out with "you're a genius". After a few years I'm lucky to get a blank stare and a "that sounds cool".
    But then you have kids. They not only think your a genius, but they're fascinated with your projects and they come up with their own. "Daddy can we build a boat with a motor for the new pool?". Hell yeah we can.

  • Dorsai65, the gearbox is small, about 10cm from the tip of one axle to the other. Each axle extends about 3cm from the gearbox. I can't find precise specs anywhere, I don't believe it was included with the product.
    I had no problem driving the motors with a SN754410 quad half H-Bridge. I used it on a small bot which weighed slightly under 1kg. In the high-torque configuration the bot zipped around at about normal walking pace, and had no trouble on slight inclines, thick carpet, etc.

  • I'm thinking the modified gas powered RC cars cruising at 60mph will be the thing to beat :)

  • Oh I'm so there. I was at the sparkfun building just a few days ago picking up parts for an autonomous bot I'm building. This is just too appropriate.

  • These are extremely thin and flexible, you don't really need a specifically designed enclose, just a flat surface to stick it on.
    As an alternative you can peel these things off the front of a lot of old microwaves. Although, this one looks much cooler. (Having buttons like "popcorn" and "defrost" on a robotics project looks kind of silly)

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