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  • Great sensor.

    Pros: 1: Easy to hook up. 2: Accurate (as far as i can tell). 3: Fast response time. You place your finger on it and immediately the reading starts to rise.

    Cons: 1: It would be VERY easy to mix this sensor up with a standard NPN transistor since they look almost exactly the same, so make sure you keep it in a separate box.

    they recommend you use a 4.7k resistor between pin 3 and pin 2, but I have found a 10k works fine, accurate within at least 2 or 3 degrees Fahrenheit of the actual temperature. Perhaps if you need the EXACT temperature you should use a 4.7k, but if you just need a good estimate and you have a 10k lying around, just use that it works fine.

  • GREAT! When will they be back in stock? Cant wait!

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