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  • Python and Arduino/MSP430 is RIDICULOUS AWESOMENESS, especially for prototyping/end products. You just make the mcu an input or output.

  • This manual was pretty awesome. I need to work on my "primal scream"...

    AudioControl used to have similarly fun manuals like that. Also made AMAZING competition level crossovers for your car...

  • There are many instrucables and kits that accomplish this goal. All you need are the schematics and the right parts. Kinda on a time crunch for the Superbowl, but Google it yourself for some links and you will be very happy. :)

  • The application note states that it requires a MOSFET for it to work in a recharging circuit. Can anyone (esp Sparkfun) help or link me to a source for this MOSFET or any alternatives as diodes will be too costly a waste of power, according to the app note. Thanks!!!

  • This is a REALLY mewbie question:
    can i have the tx/rx links just transmit a single pulse that will be read by the micro controller...like a HIGH/LOW on a DIO? I don't need serial, i just want to know when a sensor is tripped (or goes to high). Thanks!