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  • And if you contact the board manufacture and show them the manufacturing defect the response will be "well you didn't pay for electrical test so too bad". It's only happened to me twice so far and since they were prototypes it was just an inconvenience not a money looser.

  • No, I really don't think you could make money selling them for $10 each. Maybe you think so because you have free access to the printer, but the cost to make something is way more than the cost of materials. You are not considering the cost of the space to set it up, the cost of the utilities to support this space, cost of buying the printer, opportunity cost of what you could be doing with your time/money/printer/space, etc. Let's say you get one order a week. At least once a week you need to print, package it up, print a mailing label and make a trip to the shipper. What is your time worth to do that? You know the saying "You can't please everyone"? The corollary is "No matter what you do, you are going to really piss off at least one person". And it takes a lot of time dealing with that one person, which takes away a lot of the fun of running a business. I'm sure it's kinda fun for a maker to print him/herself one, but I bet after the 15th one it might get a bit monotonous. And don't forget the cost of running a business! How much of that $10 do you think Uncle Sam is going to consider his fair share? How are you going to get paid? PayPal takes a couple of percent. Yes, I've run a successful business or two. No, I don't think I'll ever do it again.

    On the other hand, I don't think I would pay more than $10 for this. I'd rather just print one for myself. It's kind of fun owning a 3D printer... as a hobby.

    (Re-reading this I think I'm coming across as a grumpy old fart. While it might be true I'm not trying to be negative, just share a little bit of my experience.) - Steve

  • "The Leonardo, by the way, is much lower than I expected. It goes to show that issues with the way the Leonardo‚Äôs programming was implemented - the less-than-stellar robustness when programming and all the inconsistencies it brings with existing code and Libraries - outweigh the extra features and lower price. Long live the UNO!"

    Where could I learn more about the above? When I design and build something that someone other than me is going to modify the software for, I've been using the ATmega32U4 and programming in the Leonardo bootloader so they can easily modify and update the code. I use the U4 because it saves me a bit of room and effort by not needing an additional USB chip. Not being an Arduiono expert by any means, I assumed the U4 was the best choice for these reasons. Should I be considering a 328 and USB chip?

  • Except that.... BVSD had four days off.... but in reality, only the first two were for rain. The second two (Monday and Tuesday) were because most of the BVSD school buses were being used to evacuate the town of Lions. Hey Spark Fun, thanks for the Redboard starter kit!!! It is sure nice to feel appreciated, but now that I'm back at work (and n+16 days behind...) I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to play with it...

  • Looks like the github links above need updating... for example, I believe the home page should be:

  • Does everyone have blue eyes, or are you guys Digitally Enhanced?

  • I don't remember exactly, but it couldn't have been much more than 1/4 Amp (running the demo software), or my power supply current limit would have kicked in. So that gives you an order of magnitude answer... They were also brighter than I expected. A quick google shows this web page: Which implies 60mA per LED; that would be 1.2A for all of them all on.

  • Well, looking under a magnifying glass I can just make out on the top of the PCB "SJ-1515ICRGB" and googling turns up: Hopefully the pinout is the same...

  • I just picked mine up, only to find out that there isn't even a pinout for this product... There are 4 wires between LEDs (Red, Green Blue White) but 3 pin connectors on each end. To make things more confusing, the white wire "T"s to the connector and just a bare wire on each end. Any thoughts?

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    I have not used them, but some people have thought their prices seemed a bit high. Download their simple software, CAD it up, it gives you a price quote, click "order" and away you go...<br />
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    - Steve

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