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  • So found out that I was using a SDHC card which apparently is not compatible. Changed to a regular sd card FAT16 but still doesn’t work. Anybody??

  • Anyone knows how long does the firmware update takes? I tried it but the light kept blinking for almost an hour. I have the hex file on the card, press the nav switch down, power it up and let it run for what I understand the light should go solid at some point. I’m I doing this wrong?

  • Thanks for your help. I think I have a pretty good idea now.

  • Do you know of info out there that could serve me as a guide?

  • It seems like in most projects arduino is used to drive the mp3 trigger. Anyone knows how to do it with a pic18f4550 or is it too complex?

  • I understand that the eagle files of the mp3 trigger are available, however I am looking for a file that displays just the inputs and outputs of the trigger without “the insides”. I’m working on a project that would have the trigger connected to a pic microcontroller, and I was wondering if there is a “mp3 trigger” part available somewhere. Thanks for your help.

  • Anyone knows if there are eagle files for the mp3 trigger as a whole?

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