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  • Just a FYI to everyone … Problem found! I was running the sheild at 3V. I just increased it to 3.3V and everything worked as promised. Interesting that the datasheet says the device can work below 3V but… I also used a transistor inverter/buffer versus a diode drop mechanism to get info back from the chip as the sheild uses a 3.3V supply versus the 5V supply used by the ATMEGA. Works perfectly after I invert the reading I bitbang in. I’ve already built several systems - no problem.

  • I’ve been able to make this work with ATMEGA 8 and can tune in channels and get back status during the power up process. However if I tune a station and then try to get status (I’m using SPI, 3-wire3) I get the correct status and even station frequency info - but the chip’s receiver just stops. Anyone else have the same problem (and hopefully some insight?)

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