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  • Thanks for getting these back in stock in time for Christmas! You guys rock

  • any plans on restocking before christmas?

  • I am starting this project for a buddy: http://www.sparkfun.com/news/540
    I've always assumed that because the LEDs have a much wider beam angle than LASERs (58 degrees according to the post above us), that even two of these mounted 10cm from the eye wouldn't be enough to cause any sort of measurable damage. However I've been searching the internet looking for hard evidence and most of the posts claiming Near IR will cause damage are referring to much more powerful lasers, very powerful heat lamps and such. All the posts claiming it's safe to stare into your computer mouse near IR LED seem to be written by 13 year olds on Yahoo Answers (go figure).
    Do you have any hard evidence to back up your claim that staring at these for extended periods of time can cause significant damage, or are you going off the same gut instinct I feel about staring into a light my iris can't react to?
    I'll probably just go ahead with the project.

  • hahaha, backorder allowed, eh? gonna order more when you guys run out?

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