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  • Questions so far:

    1) Datasheet say nothing about thermal dissipation (at 75 W, probably it will not last long)

    2) Looking the design, this is intended to allow multiple modules on cascade, in this case there is any address conflict?

    3) About point 2, how many devices can I connect then? (Max addressable number and max power limit, because power line will be shared and the first device will carry a max current of Imax = N*15A, with N: device on cascade)

    4)About the 2 extra solder pads on the back, what are intended for?

    PD: As you may know only the 5.43% of the world speak english and the 6.15% of the world speak spanish, thus following probabilities theory: i'm not a native english speaker.


  • It's look like a poliamida, the same of flex pcb.

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