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  • Hey All,

    I bought the UBW32 from sparkfun and I was trying an example after I downloaded and installed MPLAB IDE ,C-32 Compiler and Microchip Solutions. Now I am trying to upload the code via the HID bootloader, but when for example I upload HelloUSBworld code, it uploads and when I reset the device it does not work. Can you please help me? are there any step by step instructions how to set the settings in the mplab ide. I used http://www.schmalzhaus.com/UBW32/doc/How-To%20Compile%20Projects%20for%20the%20UBW32.pdf but still cannot work properly.

  • Is this breakout board compatabile with pcm1680?


  • I wish to ask you guys some questions about the 32-bit whacker, does it need a programmer such as pic kit ? or it can work with the USB and download the code to the PIC?

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