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  • Happy AFD SFE!

  • Yeah, i questioned that too. Now i understand that Voltage/1V means that it is a voltage mode unit (has built-in current sense resistor to convert current into voltage) and 1V means that the full scale current of 30A would read 1V (apparently the burden resistor is 1v/30a = 33.33333333 milli-ohms). Could measure quite accurately using Vref = 1v with 10-bit ADC in the Arduino.

  • i think you need to update the specs listed and the datasheet which appear to be for the RFM22 no RFM22B.

  • i'd agree with Member30927, it doesn't seem to make sense that you're selling a worse battery (from your description) for the same price because you got a better supplier ? What up, thx!

  • 38khz, which is the most common in modern remotes

  • i'm a recovering non-fuse-aholic :-) After numerous expensive lessons in recent years, i'm using more fuses in more places. Fuses are not supposed to be current-limiters, but just provide 'catastrophic' protection in WHOOPS cases. Proper fusing will likely protect 'at least some of' your circuit :-)

  • toddkrein: Anyone had any luck connecting this to an Arduino? I'm using the 3.3V rail, and A0 as the input, and best case, yelling into it, I get *maybe* a 13-point offset from the nominal read of 300.
    Hooking the audio output up to a scope, I see almost nothing unless I tap it on the table top.

    i'm getting the same problem. Tried powering with 2.5v (2s rechargable nimh) and a 3v ldo and getting almost nothing on the scope. If i blow into the hole under the mems or hold my mouth right next to it, i can get a 100-200mv p/p signal, else nada.
    SFE, have you had any other reports of this problem? Thx!

  • How are the current limiting resistor values (r1,r2 and r3) calculated? The red LED has vf ~2.2 so it seems like r1 should be (5-2.2)v / 0.08a = 35 ohms and r2=r3= (5-3.2)v / 0.08a = 22.5 ohms. What am i missing?

  • Perhaps using a tri-state buffer between the arduino pwm output and the driver (tri-stated when arduino pwm goes high)?

  • SFE, could you please post the schematic and source code for v2.5? The versions you have now appear to be the v2 (with the 16f688). Thanks!

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