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  • I'd make a mantle or grandfather clock that chimes. I already have this on a RPi but would like it on a garmet. I think timekeeping on an arduino is iffy, but it probably could be tweaked.

  • they're testing the terminology... Sunny Buddy listening? 1 is in my cart... I wonder how to do the same thing to a supercap? any use trying to use this? or would I get tripped up on the charging rate or apparent resistance as the regulator of the charge? ...I know... try it and capture the results... I've got a couple of 300F 3V caps... and wear safety glasses (caps can explode).

  • Not a prank but a joke: Why is everyone so tired on April 1st?

    You would be too after a 31 day March!

  • I just installed the latest wifi firmware and still cannot get multi-byte read to work... I've seen issues posted previously elsewhere; anyone have any ideas on this? any working example? I need speed for playing audio (pwm) from wifi... tnx

  • Is there a standard way to connect to arduino to use it's usb port to charge the battery so I don't have to expose 2 separate usb connectors? Thanks...

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