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  • I set mine to an update rate of 5Hz, set Tmin to 0 and it DOES in fact log at 5Hz. The recorded time resolution is only 1 second, but there are 5 records with the same timestamp. I’m pretty sure 10Hz will work.

  • Rather than just a jumper, I’d recommend a diode and series resistor between 3v3 and VBatt, maybe even a footprint on the bottom for an SMD supercap (VBatt to gnd). Although I haven’t tested it (yet), a small supercap should keep VBatt above VBatt(min) (1.5V) for more than the 2 hours before a coldstart is done by the chip regardless.
    Meantime, the connection between 3v3 and VBatt CAN be cut on this board. It is not connected under the chip.
    This is a great GPS and the logger function works well.
    The supplied software works well although even with the baudrate at 115200, the sw can’t keep up at 10Hz update rate. (at least not on my pc!)
    Time to first fix is snappy and as advertised, it even has no trouble acquiring indoors! (+26db active antenna)

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