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  • Okay, did not know that, shame.... maybe hotglue a piece prototype pcb+male pinheader (+flatcable) is a solution.... ....or some periscope mirror config :)

  • Even better this way . . . bent the wires, and you have standing display on a pcb

  • I'm working at a project: The design is by: It's easy to build, only a few parts. I'm going to rebuild it on a Flowerpad pcb:

  • Please don't place PDF's with japanese fonts in it .......

  • Also...... by looking at the pictures, the "onboard" JST connector, is a SMD version, so, not a through-hole version..... and on the other side of the pcb i see "J1" contacts, are these the same as the JST ? if so, one could make a break-out board, or put it on a prototype shield, the "ears" will help too, to have it mount steady.

  • I guess not ? because you also have to press a little to activate the build-in switch, and this starts the "scan" ? (btw. your "greasy" vinger has to make contact with the "window" for the good working of it all)

  • Before assembly, how does one know, how to fix/postion the bracket accordingly, for the "off" or powerless status of the servo ?

  • And Sparkfun's PRT-10359 is the correct jumper-connector-wire-leads assy ?

  • Arduino Pro is used for the FabFM, what does this mean ?

    If you want to program the fabfm in the arduino ide, the select arduino pro 3.3V 8MHz.

  • Why not an Arduino One version of this project ? most people have parts already lying around, can the same sketch be used ?

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