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  • I have not tested it with an ICD3. However, it works fine with a PICKit2 and Sparkfun connector adapter. If it works with one ICSP device, not sure why it would not work with another one. Without a serial cable plugged in, it is just a breakout board, with all of the pins accessible.

  • Typical lawyer BS. Sheesh, ridiculous.

  • Finally, if a person is not convinced that RB15 on the PIC24HJ64GP502 supports open drain then the heartbeat LED can be blinked by setting LATB15 = 0, and then toggling the TRISB15 bit (changing the port from input to output). When the port is an input, the pullup resistor will power the LED, when the port is an output, the LED will be turned off. The source code library linked to this part have the heartbeat functions as macros, and these are easily changed by the user.

  • There is already an inconsistency between the datasheet and what the PIC24 FRM says - pins PORTB RB15-RB11 on the p24HJ32GP202 has analog functionality which the PIC24 FRM says precludes open-drain functionality, and yet the p24HJ32GP202 datasheet shows open drain supported on these pins. So, which do you believe, the FRM or the datasheet or the compiler header files or direct chip experimentation (the last three show that open-drain is supported)? If you accept that the p24HJ32GP202 does support open-drain on all PORTB pins (i.e., believe the datasheet and direct experimentation), then why would the p24HJ64GP502 be purposefully designed to not support open-drain on these same pins? These two devices, the p24HJ64GP502 and the p24HJ32GP202, are supposed to be pin compatible from a parallel port I/O standpoint, regardless of what the p24HJ64GP502 datasheet says. This would be not be the first time that I have encountered datasheet errata. Anyway, a ticket resolution on this will not happen until after the Master's conference, so not until the beginning of August.

  • tomcuga: 24h FRM, section 10 I/O ports, page 10-4:
    "The open-drain I/O feature is not
    supported on pins that have analog functionality multiplexed on the pin"
    Pin RB15 is analog channel AN9.
    Also in PIC24HJ64GPx02/x04 datasheet (DS70293C)on page 43, table 4-29 only pins 5 to 11 have open drain feature

    Interesting. The DS70289D datasheet for the PIC24HJ32GP202, pg 36, Table 4-18 shows all of the open-drain bits for PORTB defined. The only difference between the PIC24HJ32GP202 and PIC24HJ64GP502 is the memory size and DMA module support, the port structure is the same. I have a ticket into Microchip to resolve this. I have tested both the PIC24HJ32GP202 and PIC24HJ64GP502 and direct experimentation shows that open drain is supported on RB15.

  • tomcuga: Open drain feature on pin RB15 is not supported on PIC24HJ64GP502. So this pin is maybe not good choice for power/heartbeat combination LED.
    An additional comment - on my breadboard system at home with a PIC24HJ64GP502, I hooked up the power/heartbeat LED in a direct drive configuration (resistor in series with LED). With RB15 configured for open drain, the LED did not blink which is what you would expect since the output floats when driven high in open drain mode (the LED blinked when RB15 was configured as a normal output). So this confirms that RB15 does support open drain mode.

  • tomcuga: Open drain feature on pin RB15 is not supported on PIC24HJ64GP502. So this pin is maybe not good choice for power/heartbeat combination LED.
    Why do you say this? In the p24HJ64GP502.h header file, the open drain configuration bit is included for all bits of PORTB, and for bits 0-4 of PORTA. It is true that RB15 is not 5V tolerant, but it can still be configured as open drain, and the power for the power/heartbeat LED is 3.3V. Also, I can't find anywhere in the datasheet for the PIC24HJGP502 where is says open drain is not supported for RB15.

  • The datasheet link looks like it was fixed. Agreed it needs to be 64K flash memory. From the full PDF datasheet, the only members of this particular sub-branch that have 4K RAM are the PIC24HJ32GP304/302. All of the other members including the PIC24HJ64GP502 have 8K RAM, and the memory gauge in MPLAB confirms this.

  • At www.reesemicro.com, there is a short video tutorial on this board on the PIC24 video tutorials page.

  • Hmmm... we have ordered several of these and have had no problems. They already have the bootloader loaded, with a sample application. I am not sure why you had to reload the bootloader on your board. If you hook up power to it, the LED should start blinking indicating that the loaded application is working.

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