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  • The first few Bay Area Maker Faires were, engaging, educational, and entertaining. The last few seemed to have devolved into "must attend happenings" so crowded that it became difficult to see everything and to even move through the exhibits. They tried very hard to encompass the entire spectrum of the maker movement and really captured the public's interest and drew significant attendance (the size of the line to get in and the lack of parking attested to that). It is unfortunate that it has gone, perhaps it will return someday, perhaps at a larger venue.

  • Given that you are located near the front range with its changing weather, a side window design would seem a better choice. When faced with the same issue on my 997 in California, I opted for a green house cover (green house being the windows and roof of the car) from North American Car Cover, it also gives my hartz cloth convertible top protection from bird and tree droppings.

  • This might be a project to break out the "glow in the dark" filament.

  • This is an ongoing problem with SPARKFUN, not the first time safety glasses not worn. In fact at MAKERFAIRE San Mateo a couple of years back I got blown off when I pointed out to the staff at soldering class that students were not wearing safety glasses. Not good! You are setting an example for a lot of young people and new to electronics people. Safety First

  • REALLY? no safety glasses? not an example that makes me happy. But then I spend a notable part of my day here at the college making SURE that safety glasses are used in our labs. You only get one pair per life

  • Instead of a tire, perhaps a flapped intake roller something like

    with a dispensing mechanism above the flapped intake roller, you could spit a stream of stuff out...,

  • Next time in the bay area try "HSC" in Sunnyvale, a real trove of used and new electronics, just allow plenty of time. Another place is ALAN STEEL, Redwood City, often surplus government electrical stuff and of course metals. I liked Medelsons in Dayton, OH when I was there on business.

  • Better than Saran Wrap, at least consider casting the in bowl portion into some clear compound like resin or rtv so that its washable.

  • Really? wouldn't be better to put the lighting someplace else so that it shines down on the toilet. Placing the parts in the bowl subjects them to some chemical compounds that are corrosive, and most certainly unsanitary. While the circuitry is fun looking, perhaps the concept is flawed.

  • While I fully understand the comment, please respect that CHILDREN use this website as a resource for classwork and labwork. Even though they probably use the vulgar language on the playground, as educators we need to maintain civility, morality, and set a good example for them. Thank you