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  • There's a significant amount of rotational friction. This would not be a suitable part for your application. I suggest, if there's room in your car's chassis, rig up an optical rotation counter -- glue some sort of small flag to the axle, which will pass through the channel of an optointerrupter such as this one, or paint a shiny spot on the axle and use a reflective sensor like this one. Then you'll have a single pulse per rotation (which at RC car speeds, is more than enough). Measure the period of one pulse (or count pulses for a set amount of time) and multiply by tire circumference to get speed.

  • Two people have commented about the nonstandard routing which reverses pins 1-8, and those comments have not received any official replies. The 8- and 28-pin TSSOP adapters are correctly routed. When can we expect to see a useful, non-headache-inducing (and potentially silicon-destroying), sane version of this adapter?

    As an aside, it's also silly not to make it fit a DIP socket (assuming the pin reversal is are corrected).

    As a further aside (and perhaps to help get some official attention on this subject), sense-making adapters are available from Adafruit: http://www.adafruit.com/products/1207

  • Any plans for a breakout board for this? Just eyeballing it, it seems like the pins might not be quite long enough to make solid connection into a breadboard.

    (See related comment on the vertical Type-B breakout board)

  • Any plans to make one of these for the right-angle Type-B connector?

    (See related comment on the right-angle connector's page)

  • Austira Microelectronics has replacement products for the discontinued N35P112. It would require some minor dev and assembly effort on SparkFun's part, to create a board to combine N40P107 or N50P105 with the AS5013 sensor chip.

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