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  • Nice job, guys! I love the use of non-invasive force sensors. Maybe your keg and mine can be twitter-buddies? :-)
    Arudino (and SparkFun) powered, to boot :) All drinks are logged to a database, and authentication/access control is supported.
    I’m still working on improving the documentation, but if you are interested, you can find an overview of the firmware below. It supports reading from two flow meters, as well as DS18B20 temperature sensors.

  • I’ve used a version of this part with spade terminals for the load on top of the package (datasheet says ‘.250" (6.35mm) quick connects for contacts’, see the part number decoder there.)
    When working with a high voltage AC load, I’d definitely prefer & recommend that version of the part, as it allows you to keep the hot connections entirely isolated from the PCB.

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