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  • The email about this product says "Know the direction of the storm with Qwiic!"

    However, all I can see talks about the distance of the storm. Does this product actually provide direction information too?

  • Does the new board allow the user to turn off that insanely bright power LED? (Yes I know I can put tape over it, but it's still using power). Other than that, I love my original Redboard.

  • Another idea is to use a better DNS provider. OpenDNS lets you block whole domains. For example, I have all of China blocked (*.cn) along with a number of other rogue nations. If you add the DNSCrypt extension, it provides security against man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • I've got my weather station working nicely using a Photon and BlueSmirf bluetooth module to send data to a serial LCD display. This works fine on 5 V USB power (using the Photon's USB port) so I got a LiPo battery and Sunny Buddy.

    Unfortunately, on battery, it starts up OK but then drops its BT connection after a few seconds. There was a similar comment about this over a year ago but for a different setup.

    I'm using the 6A LiPo battery and it's fully charged. Running on USB power, it appears to be drawing around 120 ma. Running on battery, the "Load" terminal on the Suny Buddy reads 3.9 V but the 5V pin on the Photon is only 2.89 V. Is this a battery issue, a Sunny Buddy issue, or is it just not possible to sink this much current to a Photon and BlueSmirf together? Has anyone gotten this configuration to work?

  • I'm using two BlueSmirfs to connect my Photon Weather Shield to a serial LCD. Whenever power is lost to either unit, the connection drops and I have to restore it manually using my PC. Is there some way to programmatically do this from the code running on the Photon? So if the connection is lost, it will be restored automatically when power is restored?

    There seems to be a smiliar question above but it doesn't look like it was really addressed.

  • Jeez - I feel like Ralphie with his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring when he discovered it was just an ad to drink Ovaltine. Come on, Sparkfun how hard would it be to include a socket for the chip and one sheet of paper with at least a pictorial of the completed product? I don't think I'm even going to bother building this - it's going right into my junk parts bin. As Ralphie said, "Sonovab*tch!"

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