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  • I’m using two BlueSmirfs to connect my Photon Weather Shield to a serial LCD. Whenever power is lost to either unit, the connection drops and I have to restore it manually using my PC. Is there some way to programmatically do this from the code running on the Photon? So if the connection is lost, it will be restored automatically when power is restored?

    There seems to be a smiliar question above but it doesn’t look like it was really addressed.

  • Jeez - I feel like Ralphie with his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring when he discovered it was just an ad to drink Ovaltine. Come on, Sparkfun how hard would it be to include a socket for the chip and one sheet of paper with at least a pictorial of the completed product? I don’t think I’m even going to bother building this - it’s going right into my junk parts bin. As Ralphie said, “Sonovab*tch!”

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