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  • Oh my God! Thank you for explaining it so nicely! I was going crazy trying to figure out what the V represented. =D

    I was trying to figure out how build something like this and SparkFun to the rescue. And, of course, it's backordered. LOL!

  • Anyone else having trouble with the charging amperage calculation for the MCP73831T? The data sheet and the SparkFun schematic both say it's calculated as: I = 1000V / R where: I = charging current in milliampere R = programming resistor in kOhms

    What is V? Without V the formula works: 100u = 1000 / 10kOhm

    According to the data sheet V appears to be Input voltage. Unfortunately, when including V in the formula, everything breaks: 100u =/= 1000 x 5v / 10kOhm

    Anyone know what I'm missing?

  • Looks like they updated the product description to "NO". Guess that means "Normally Open".

  • So it appears that this is a "normally open" switch. Anyone happen to have a link to the data sheet for this switch? I need to know the temperature range this switch can operate at. A garage in Phoenix can get pretty hot during the summer. Don't want it to melt.

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