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  • Porbably to shift the 5v logic level of the Arduino to 3.3v.

  • Request for a future revision: Breakout the enable pin of the regulator.

    The step-up draws 15m continuously, hampering low-power usage.

    This would also allow a proper shutdown sequence. The datasheet mentions the EPD should be powered down a few ms before the controller.

  • Wiggling does the trick. They work different from what I originally thought.

    Mental model:

    o -- hole
    )( --springy things

    Actual model:

    o -- hole
    L -- not so springy rail

    ps you have some html escaping issues.

  • I read people complained about the rail and feet, but my main problem with this is that it is impossible to insert anything into it.

    With a lot of power, I can insert a premium jumper wire, but I wouldn't dare putting 20x that pressure on a Atmel chip or something else with 4+ pins.

    It says right in the description: "Who knew it would bring so much frustration?"

    Bottom line: Sparkfun is great, but not their breadboards.

  • I'm a bit disappointed the LEDs are still on Vcc instead of Vcio. Had to remove them to make it work on 1.8v.

    What do you recommend for getting 1.8v? I used two 10k ones between 3.3v and gnd. Gives me 1.7v, but sending doesn't work reliable.

  • Remove the resistors on the LEDs, and it'll go down to 1.8v

  • Will this work below 3.3v? The step-up datasheet mentions a minimum of 2.5v, but maybe there are other limiting factors.

    What kind of current does the display draw while updating? The datasheet mentions a few numbers, but I can't really tell.