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  • I KNOW!!! My forehead hurts from repeatedly banging it against my desk! (T-T)

  • 2:03 pm EDT and it's gone. Frick! I had one in my cart, foolishly tried to add something else to the cart, hit check out and it wouldn't let me check out because it had sold out!!!

    Time to take my frustrations out on my co-workers...

  • I cannot express enough how thoroughly excited I am about this series of articles! I'm currently trying to convert a small bedroom in my apartment into a bedroom/workshop and this is just perfect timing! And it's written by one of my favs, Nick Poole, who is someone I very much admire. Thank you!

  • Hi! Wondering if it's been considered to have a tutorial or example on how to get this working with an Arduino? The skill level for this is Rookie and competent in programming. I thought I was both, but kinda lost. I'm muddling along, just wondering if there isn't an easier way.

  • I don't think this was answered, but if it was and I missed it, I'm sorry. The FTDI needs to be 5v. Does it only have to be 5v out or does the signal logic level also have to be 5v? If this is a really dumb question, I'm sorry. I'm really new.

  • I agree. One of the biggest hurdles I've stumbled on is casing a project. There seems to be tutorials for everything except that.

  • This was a great kit. The only "I wish" part would be more description on what the consistancy of the paste should be. The manual says "consistancy is important", but then goes into mixing the flux. But what should the consistancy end up as? Peanut butter? Sour Cream? .....um, I'm hungary if you didn't catch that.....sorry.... (^ ^ ;)>

  • Thank you for taking the time to write this. Your company's passion for teaching / learning is an air-bourne pathogen; completely infectious. I love it, you have no idea how much the site continues to inspire me. Thank you so much.

  • Enticing her prey with a Lilypad mp3...Clever girl...

  • Hey. Look at that weird mirror...