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Awful Erik

Member Since: October 22, 2012

Country: United States

  • Only the 3 superbright resistors are running hot, using some 47 ohm 5% 1/2W resistors from the shack. The cycling ones are hooked up in series in pairs with a 100 ohm 1/4w resistor they aren't hot, neither are the white leds, just these 80mA ones. I think I will either try putting the superbrights in series or maybe just use a voltage regulator to bring the voltage down. On a side note, they have run for a while now and show no negative effects of having those 1/2w run hot. They are raised off of the PCB some and gapped from the rest of the wiring.

  • I am running 3 of these (along with some slow cycling RGB led's and 2 small whites) inside a well ventilated nightlight for my daughter. I hooked them up each with a 1/2w 47 ohm resistor driven by a 5v 1A wall wart, My concern is the resistors are running uncomfortably hot to the touch, like around 160F. According to my math this should be running these at about 65mA and only about 25% of the resistors max current. Should I be concerned? When running these with two 100 ohm 1/4w resistors in parallel I had no noticeable heat on the limiting resistors. Shouldn't this be equivalent?

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