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  • Am I just messed up, or is there a reason why no one has commented that this board switches the ground connections, not the power connections... or did everyone else already know that? At least that's certainly how I read the schematic and my voltmeter is telling me that ground on my "load" is way above what it should be...

  • could be better. The fuse holders are keyed... but the keying is so frigging tiny that you're likely to miss it and then waste 30+ minutes unsoldering the holders. The holes for the wire you need to add to get power/ground to the connectors are tiny, tin those in advance and you'll never get the wire through (another 30 minutes lost)... and then at the end, you might notice that the standoffs that the board is supposed to sit on are exactly the same length that the connectors protrude from the bottom of the board... so you'd be wise to seal that up to avoid touching down on anything conductive... in short, a number of minor issues that wouldn't be so annoying if they weren't so trivially easy for sparkfun to fix! :(

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