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  • this thing is a huge pos, they make the piece that attaches to the servo gear out of plastic and it takes about the weight of the claw plus a butterfly to strip it out. whats the point of charging 10 extra dollars to put in a metal gear servo when the elbow joint is made out of plastic

  • could i use 2 of these xbee's and 2 xbee sheilds and 2 arduinos to hook up several POTs without serial communication to the transmitter arduino and have the receiver arduino translate my POT signals into servo commands?

  • just buy a servo signal compatible motor controller and a remote/receiver pair and that would be all you need. you could also buy some simple motor controller and program a micro controller to interpret the servo signals from the rc receiver and hook the micro controller to your motor driver or just buy the motor controller that they suggest for the 6wd thumper on this website with a built in atmega chip and an r/c code already programmed onto it

  • yes i just purchased the rover 5 also and i noticed that lovely misalignment. mine keeps jogging to the left and the treads like to come off way too easy because of the misalignment. the seemingly impossible to find height adjusting instructions are a big disappointment also

  • some instructions on adjusting the height would just be fantastic if that isn't too much to ask of sparkfun

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