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  • Just discovered this board. Looks really interesting, though a couple of issues 1) It can't measure the voltage on the LiIon 2) I can't hook up an external Vref. Great to see the LiIon chg at 0.5A (though be areally to manage it based on USB(C) connection), 4M flash Eeprom.

  • An attractive board. Checking deeper its BTLE 4.0 - Bluetooth SIG recommends implementing Bluetooth 4.2 in all new designs - so you may want to look at forward options BTLE 4.1 - for better co-existence with a lot of BTLE devices BTLE 4.2 for IoT/internet & security

  • Thanks for the twitter feed links - looks nice. Be interesting to hear the comments on length of cable - I'm wondering if the high speed serialization might have something to do with it One way to extend to 15' would be USB-C -

  • Just an FYI - FTDI has a custom USB implementation and requires drivers that FTDI have released. So that means the newer processors that have USB OTG host aren't going to be able to use these FTDI proprietary chips. It would be nice if chips using the USB open data standard CDC-ACM were used.

  • Got two RF266 and fantastic to get the description of how to make them work with Portal. Initially wouldn't erase with the Xbee USB Dongle, but switched to an old Maxstream USB (now Digi which shows how old it is) Xbee programming board. It has a reset on it. Worked first time. Got a 2nd RF266 plugged in and powered - and had them connect wirelessly. Wonderful.! Next phase try some programming with the ADC and check out the stability over outdoor temperatures. My wish list is for a12bitADC on a 900MHz/XBP footprint device with SNAP (including floating point) running on it as the 2.4Mhz has problems with distance in the real world - especially if there are trees and leaves. Also the 12bitADC with an accurate Vref/stable over temperature, is where value comes in for interfacing to real world measurements.

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