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  • The description above

    Driver/Receiver Enable connected to RTS line of FT232RL
    is incorrect; the enables are in fact connected to one of the GPIO lines of the FT232RL (pin 13, CBUS2/TXDEN).
    This is what most people want; it means that you don't need special application-layer support for turning on RTS to transmit.
    If you have an application that insists on turning on RTS it should also work fine.

  • It depends on the power supply voltage. At 5V, assuming typical forward voltage drops (2.0V for red, 3.5V for green and blue), and typical on resistance for an Atmel output pin of maybe 25 ohms (assuming 5V supply voltage), you'd be looking at (5.0-3.5)/(100+25) = 12mA for the green and blue LEDs, and (5.0-2.0)/(200+25) = 13.3mA for the red LED.

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