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  • Hi Nick, Im very happy you finally want to quit smoking through vaping! Believe it or not, vaping is way much better than traditional cigarrete. Im vaping now for more than a year and half, feel REALLY much better and there is no way at all I come back. Your'e right, there is a lot of interesting technology in the electronic mods with high-current buck converters, charging circuitry etc All that pretty interesting if you feel that you want to dig into. It’s a pretty DY world and even myself I made last year an automatic e-juice CNC made mixing device with and Arduino with a few parts from Sparkfun (not really serious project, but fun to make!). You can check it out here on youtube if you want to see it ;) Anyway, keep vaping and enjoy it as much as you can, there are tons of favours. Do not worry about the sensationalism about exploding batteries because some people don’t know about Ohm’s Law ;)

  • Absolut Fury!

  • Nate, just a quick question: You will keep both buildings or really migrate to the new one and leave the old forever? Maybe we can expect some “downtime” while you migrate? How do you manage the logistics for this? I will love to know more on this.

    Congrats for your fantastic transparency as usual :)

    Best regards!

  • Programming cable is included? I see it in the picture but is not listed on the product. Thanks!

  • So you want to build a Pinball Machine? Nick, you probably have the best workplace in the world! haha Let me know if you need something, I will be pleased to help you :)


  • I made my first order as regular customer back in 2006 in the old blue website with the famous “Parkfun” logo. Sparkfun was in the old little office and I can remember just a bunch of (interesting) products that I probably know about all of them. Now is allmost imposible to see how much cool products there are wich is great. Your Big Wall clock was just released and I can’t believe how much awesome and crazy this company are! Just one year later, we start selling Sparkfun products at and now, 6 years later, we are one of the most large Sparkfun reseller un Spain, wich is super cool but probably the reason of our little success is the incredible support we get with you guys. Unsurprisingly you arrived there.

    I wish you another 10 years (and more!) of great grow. Thanks Nate and thanks to all your folks for being a brilliant company.

    Best regards!

  • Nick, you are brilliant. But we absolutely need the outtakes of this video! :)

  • Nice tutorial as allways and also is nice to be the first comment! :)

  • The 6-pin chasis conector was mainly used as main conector of amateur radios microphone and this is pretty strong conector ( I give me good memories of that time :)

    I agree with icyfye: Robert, your beard is so cool this week!

  • GoPro killer? maybe not but seems a good camera :)

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