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  • Circa 1983...in middle school...I was doing poorly in math class. The homework so bored me that I'd instead putter around on my Atari 400, trying to make crude BASIC graphics and little games and such. I got in trouble for this and eventually they put me in remedial math with The Troubled Kids. This didn't help (worse, in fact), and I suspect the only reason they let me pass the 9th grade at all was because my counselor just didn't want to deal with me anymore...I'd be someone else's problem at high school.

    So...new school, new curriculum, and the first couple of days for all students was spent taking placement tests in each subject. I was either sick on math day, or maybe my enthusiasm was such that I'd ditched, I don't recall...but I do remember a solitary desk later being setup in the hallway so I could take a make-up test. Now keep in mind...I'd been borderline flunking in remedial math...I'd never really seen algebra or trig (as such) in my life. But there was a "Hitchcock zoom" moment when looking at that page. It was somehow familiar, and all those countless times I'd typed Y=SQRT(RR-XX) suddenly paid off: in 30 minutes at that desk, I'd skipped ahead TWO years in the subject to be placed not with the laggards, but the bright students. I was further blessed there with one of the best teachers in my entire public education...she was genuinely passionate about the subject, and math homework was never boring again.

  • I just assumed the nails were an homage to Becky Stern.

  • HELLO, POLLY! MAKEY MAKEY! thump thump thump This is your 9 o'clock alarm call!

  • PVC. Drat. That means no laser cutting.

  • THIS is the reason I got into electronics. My life is now complete.

  • How to Train Your AVR Dragon.


  • If there were a Nobel Prize for Awesome Ideas, this totally deserves it.

  • Have to agree. It just seems brain dead for the 8U2 to not operate as an ISP programmer. Don't get me wrong...I think OptiBoot is the greatest thing since sliced cheese...when the use of a serial chip dictated the need for a bootloader at all. Was the Uno designed by a government committee?

  • skystorm: indeed it is, though you'll be limited to 4 bits when using this or the basic breakout board. The BOB-00718 (full breakout board) can bang all 8 bits, but then lacks the convenience of directly interfacing to certain Arduino boards and other things that use the same pinout (some XBee adapters, serial RFID readers, etc.)

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