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  • I think I've answered my own question. It appears that the documentation is wrong when it says to set the ACC param to 0xFFF for infinite accel/decel. Instead, I set it to 0x7FF, and now it appears to be doing what I want.

  • I am running into problem trying to reduce the speed once the motor is running. I am using the dSPIN_Run command, and have no trouble ramping the speed upwards, but then when I try to ramp back down by passing in lower values, the motor just keeps running at the same speed. This behavior continues until I pass in 0 (zero) as the Run speed, at which point the motor stops as expected. Note that my accel and decel params are set to 0xFFF which should give me infinite accel/decel. Min Speed is set to zero. BEMF is disabled.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Does the Mini Pro have power management features that allow me to hard-wire 5V power to the board, and then still plug in an FTDI board that is powered via USB? Or do I need to disconnect the board power before plugging in the FTDI?

  • I'd also like to use use this with the ROB-10847. Could you post the param register settings that you came up with using the ST software. I've download the ST eval app, but I must admit I am a bit lost.

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