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  • Congrats to the Aussies that got in, all I saw was a lot of Firefox error pages, and once the sparkfun home page in IE. I was logged in and ready to go in FF, but not IE. I even downloaded Chrome at 3:15 AM this morning (aka 9:15 Sparkfun time) to try and get in.
    Am I bitter about losing? Not really. I was trying to order some 'nice to have' stuff, and one of those "Arduino" toys to see what the fuss is about, nothing I really need (other than a few $ worth of header pins that I can easily buy locally).
    But I am really freaking tired today due to the 45 minutes I wasted from 3AM. I've participated in 100,000 person web sales before (tickets for big music festivals) that sell out in 5 minutes. That's what I expected, not 45 mins of F5 mashing with only seeing a result once.
    Still, no such thing as bad publicity and all that.
    Any chance of a BatchPCB free day ? ;)

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    A climactic moment in a story or a series of events is one in which a very exciting or important event occurs.
    [source: google]

  • yay, I (think I) put in a request for these.
    Will have to get some with my next order, that way I won't have to join a M-M and an M-F together any more :)

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