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  • I would like to know a solution to the issue i am facing. If, let's say, I need to supply this transmitter module (434MHz) a higher voltage (e.g. 9V) in order to increase the transmission range or distance, then do I also need to supply the data input to the transmitter to be the same level as the supply voltage. Because, I am using arduino development kit which gives out only 5V serial data from tx pin.So, do I need to make the tx pin output to be amplified so that the transmitter data input voltage meets the transmitter supply voltage which may be greater than 5V (e.g. 9V)?

  • I have some question for using the leonardo with wifi shield. As I mount the wifi shield on leonardo board, I will be putting on all the pins of wifi shield stacked onto the pins of leonardo. Then, is pin 11,12, and 13 of the leonardo going to be connected to MOSI,MISO and SCK? Then, what's the point of saying that the leonardo board has the SPI pins (MOSI,MISO and SCK) separated from its digital I/0 pins? Afterall, once the wifi shield is mounted, won't the SPI pins stacked onto digital I/0 pins of leonardo? I am a bit confused there. Can i still use the pin 11,12, and 13 of leonardo for other purpose after I have mounted the wifi shield on leonardo?

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