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  • Am I reading this right or missing something, "Logic Voltage: 5V @ 1000mA" ? That's a lot of current for an i2c bus...

  • Will there be any type of event this year for a UHS (unmanned hybrid vehicle system)? We are planning to compete this year but trying to debate one the direction to go with the one we built last year.

  • Right: "Senor Ohm, WHY DO THEY ELECTRONS ALWAYS GET SO EXCITED, JUST WHY!" Left: "Hm, you pose a good question sir. I wonder what came first, the Electron or the Proton?" Middle: "Well while you guys continue to swap shoes and ponder with each other, I'm going to accelerate my social life, pair up with my homies Hydro and Collider, drink some Gen and smash some particles tonight."

  • The Three Ohmigos: The Sparkan, The Cowborg, and El Alambre

  • Although I do like the idea, I think they end up requiring just as much thinking as just doing it in text. I do see the application of them where they would be nice for debugging and also introducing someone to it without overwhelming them with code. IMO though, I think Ladder Logic (PLC) editors are probably the best way to represent visual programming while still providing the user with control. I know there have been some advancements in porting Arduino over to Ladder Logic, but I think would be a good avenue to keep pushing into.

  • Fun Fact: The first PLC created ran for 25 years successfully before it finally died out(modicon 084 and was then called a Modular Digital Controller). They used to require their own dedicated industrial computers the size of a small refrigerator.

    I designed/prototyped an open-source PLC but didn't think there would ever be any interest in it. Nice to see SF shedding some light on it!

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