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  • http://www.adafruit.com/products/828

    Almost the same thing only at a 1/12th of a price.

  • Anyone knows if this would be suitable for the real clock on the Teensy 3.0?

  • Update Arduino Library link. It gives the link to the Virtual Wire 1.5 version. The newest one is 1.14!

  • Does anybody know if these guys will communicate with the black IR emitters and receivers such as ones you could find ona a TV remote and on the TV itself?

  • External pul up?! Please explain! 10K or 1K?! Thank you

  • Hey guys, I just want ask for some help with this cool thing (as it sounded before arriving) but when I started to test out the accelerometer I had unsatisfying results. What I did was, I connected this Accelerometer to my Arduino Uno having the VCC and GND connected to 3.3V and GND outlets on Arduino, and Xout, Yout and Zout connected to A0, A1 and A2 accordingly outlets on Arduino. I set up a Serial communication with computer and the Arduino for the readings. My readings were the same the whole time, no matter how I tilted the accelerometer. The only exception was when I touched the accelerometer with my finger and because of the temperature change, the reading changed a bit. I'm aware that I have to connect the other outlets too and do something with them but how? Can you please provide me the minimalist way of doing so. Thank you.

  • HEy, guys! This accelerometer doesn't support I2C right? It outputs analog right? Cause I don't want I2c at all, its too complicated.

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