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  • oops, I have a pro mini, not a pro micro...sorry!

    if anyone is curious, this is how you connect this to a pro micro 3.3v: SD - Arduino CS - D10 DI - D11 VCC - VCC SCK - D13 GND - GND DO - D12

    Then, just use standard SD libraries.

  • My pro micro 3.3v doesn't have a port D14, D15, or D16. What am I not understanding?

  • I'm trying to connect this to an Arduino Uno. Here's what I've done but it's not working:

    GND - Arduino GND
    VCC - Arduino 3.3v
    SDA - Arduino SDA (dedicated pin or Analog 4)
    SCL - Arduino SCL (dedicated pin or Analog 5)
    INT - Arduino digital pin 2

    Everything else is disconnected. I'm just trying to get the sample arduino code to show sensor reads. With this configuration it's just returning "connection failed" and 0's for reads. Anybody know what's wrong?

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