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  • I wonder about the legality of operating this device in the US? Good thing it got torn down before the FCC came looking for you.

  • Denver lice are tough!

  • I think I would go for a Series Hybrid Car. I can’t imagine the quality of the gearbox you will need to take power at 12k rpm, but you might get a flat belt to couple it to a DC generator and charge your car batteries. A small car only needs about 15 horsepower to cruise down the highway and the batteries can give you the power you need to accelerate. I would figure out if the thing is energy efficient first.

  • It seems like you really should be flipping the connections on the potentiometer as the added gear train makes the output shaft turn the opposite direction? Were those 24 credits of controls in college a waste? What am I missing?

  • Try as he might, Robert could not make his light saber monochromatic.

  • My math says 60 turns times 5 inches per turn is 25 feet. Did I miss something?

  • Lost and Clueless, the SparkFun National Tour Team wanders onto the set of the new Godzilla movie.

  • Got my MQ-3 a couple of weeks ago. It’s been “burning in” on the bench for 3 days now. Still not giving a good stable resistance in free air, I suspect that it never will. At low or no alcohol in the air it seems to be very sensitive to everything, temperature, humidity….
    I’ve been researching a calibration method for about a week now and came up with this rather impressive paper from Romania. Anyway it looks promising as a way to come up with calibration constants. Diluting a liquid seems to be easy to do and I’m not looking for 1% accuracy, just something better than My “App” says after I drink 4 shots I should be at this level in this many hours……

  • While I find purposefully artistic boards are interesting, I think you guys are missing the reality that a properly placed and routed board is in itself art. I’ve been doing this stuff much longer than I care to admit. And it now takes me a few seconds to look at a board and understand if the layout was done by a hack or an “artist”.

  • Will this connect to iOS devices?

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