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  • The Troubleshooting section for Circuit #5 (Push Buttons) indicates that the experiment contains a fading feature in addition to the on-off mode. Searching within the Circuit_05.ino file in the SIK Guide Code file (downloaded from the SIK Example Code link in the Documentation section above), I was unable to find the example code for this feature.

    The schematic for Circuit #6 (Photo Resistor) indicates that the +5 V supply should be connected to a terminal of the photo resistor and a 10-kOhm (Brown-Black-Orange) resistor should be used in the voltage divider. However, the "angle-shot" and overhead view of the breadboard show the +5 V supply connected to a terminal of the static resistor in the voltage divider. In addition, the top-down view of the breadboard shows a 1-kOhm (Brown-Black-Red) resistor instead of the 10 kOhm.

    Reference: SFE03-0012-SIK.Guide-300dpi-01.pdf (downloaded from the SIK Guide link in the Documentation section above)

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