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  • Wow, what's up with all of the negative comments? These guys are trying to do something nice for their customer base, and all of the "know-it-alls" come in to rain on their parade?
    Here's a hint: if you know enough to know about effective load-balancing and spike handling strategies, you should also know enough to start with the presumption that someone there is at least as smart as you.
    Then, if the presumption proves wrong, you can get your smarter-than-thou rocks off by jumping on the "any idiot could've seen that coming," bandwagon, and only appear half the smart-a.. you do now.

  • Dr. Who: the original had slightly different response curves and specs, otherwise its its a drop-in replacement. Namely the difference is that the TI chip reached an optimal responsivity (1.0) at about 780nm, whereas the Taos chip reaches that responsivity at 640nm. Also note that the Taos chip is more highly sensitive to light in the range of 650-900nm, meaning you have to adjust down for those wavelengths.

  • Excellent - thanks!

  • Can you specify whether these are the 230R, 230AR, or 230BR? The datasheet references three different models with different tolerance levels.

  • I see what look like voltage and speed checkboxes on the arduino pro... Does that mean there will be a 5v/20Mhz version that could be used as a drop-in for existing diecimila-based projects?

  • I'm ok with the new design - however, there still seems to be one problem:
    When you're looking at an item, it does not highlight on the left which category the item is in. If I'm searching from google, and I get sent to a product here, I have no idea where it fits, and its often difficult to find it again w/o going to google. It is especially helpful when asking the question "are there other products in this category that might also work for my needs?"

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