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  • [Total noob question]

    I'm trying to integrate this with an IRdroid connector ( http://www.irdroid.com/ ), but I don't have 2.5~5.5V available - only the voltage coming in from the mic/control loop of a TRRS connector on a smartphone (the target host device - it's about 2.2V last time I checked)

    Would undervolting it by .3V be a bad idea?

  • Total noob question here.

    I'm trying to integrate an infrared detector into an Irdroid infrared blaster ( http://www.irdroid.com/ ) and wire it in through the mic loop, which has around 2.2V put through it. I could also wire it in with the Irdroid's battery (6V) and use a transistor to open/close the mic loop.

    Would something like this work in a situation like the one stated above?

    EDIT: Whoops! didn't realize it needed 5V. I guess the latter option would be the only one that's viable.

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