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  • Yes luckily we found out this little problem, should be al working good now! By the way somehow segment E doesnt work on any digit anymore now just after the weekend.. But thats probably fixed soon and not a general problem, because it worked perfect on friday! Oh and by the way thanks for reposting on the other product pages!

  • Oke we (I am working together with Member #4643) have been working on this one for a few days, had a lot of trouble. We mostly worked with the ' Serial_7_Segment_Display_Firmware.ino ' in which the pinlocations seemed to be wrong, at least they do not correspond with the parallel connection. We tried everything, also in the SevSeg.h files etc. but without any clear result. Luckily we just fixed the 'problem'! It seems that everything is correct but one little thing, finally we found out that only this should be changed in that firmware Arduino code: On line 38: Original:


    Changed into:

    define DISPLAY_TYPE S7S

    The other thing was the pin location, the provided schematic is incorrect!

    So for further use: Please fix this part in the firmware code and change the Schematic sheet!!

  • Just got 2 of these, but the packages include 16 MHz crystal instead of a 32 kHz crystal! More people with this problem?!

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