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  • I learn more when something doesn't work and I have to figure out why. So how about another book to go with the existing SIK, but this book has circuits to build that don't work and the user has to troubleshoot the circuit or code to find out why. You could have online hints or initial steps to point people in the right direction if they get stuck; frustration is never fun.

    A simple example could be the current limiting resistor mentioned.The book specs a 10k, so the LED doesn't light. Solving that problem is an opportunity for a bit of circuit analysis and ohms law.

  • I completely agree.

  • About two weeks ago. Probably happens every 6 months or so, working with wires into audio connectors etc. Soldering without glasses feels as foreign to me as driving a car without a seatbelt.

  • I felt the same way about the Lego Friends series when we started getting it for our girls, but now that the boxes are gone and the pieces are all mixed up they are spontaneously building different things. We've had a box of generic lego for years and it just didn't stick; having the characters made the difference. I'll admit I was underwhelmed by GoldieBlox as well, but I think the concept is sound and it just needs to be built out more. My girls want to create stories and for that it helps if there are characters, so GoldieBlox, while not a constant play toy, gets enough use that those different brain cells are lighting up. When they're older I'll be pushing the wearable electronics, they don't care about robots. It's about finding the point of interest that can be built on, which is the strength of GoldieBlox, Lego Friends, flashing tiaras etc.

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