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  • News - July Caption Contest | about 10 months ago

    Now you know how an SMD feels

  • Product SEN-09570 | last year

    I purchased one of these about 3 months ago. I got it running with the I2C (TWI) interface in 20 minutes. However, I worked for almost 3 months looking for information on running this with its PWM interface. First the AVR135 documentationand code from Atmel on using timer capture to measure PWM duty cycle did not work on a port to the UNO. I worked almost 2 months to get the UNO to reliably return a PWM duty cycle. Once I got that working I found in the MLX documentation that pin 2 is for both SDA and PWM. I need pin 2 to set the MLX to PWM which is done on analog pin 4 in the TWI mode. Then, because the only pin which can be used to read the PWM is digital pin 8 on the Arduino UNO, I needed to buy another Arduino UNO and set it up to read the PWM encoded data off of the MLX pin 2. I am looking to see if anyone else has attempted this. I am looking at doing either a physical switch or maybe an electronic relay to physically reconfigure the MLX connections to the Arduino. I would like to have the code set the system to a TWI physical configuration for setting the operation mode of the MLX and reading temp if it has been set in the SMB mode and to reconfigure the physical connections from the code to read temp from pin 8 if the MLX is set to the PWM mode. I am not looking for a cost effective solution. I am just looking to have fun and work on something (as far as I can see) no one else has done in any other project.

  • Product DEV-11643 | about a year ago

    You read the data but you don’t really understand until it is right in front of you. It is small but awesome. I can’t believe the functionality and quality. This will be a mainstay in working on my projects. I plan to buy an Xminilab also. You guys really out to stock them too, as I prefer to buy from a constant source. Great find and a good job on the video that convinced me to invest in it.

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