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  • Another foot note for Canadian users wanting to use modems on the Telus network, go to
    and enter the IMEI Number that is listed on the module or Modem, and the site will tell you if you can connect to Telus.
    Teh IMEI number on the Telit GM862-GPS unit is
    IMEI = 357467030006134
    Entering this number, the response is
    Telit GM 862
    Your device will not work on our network.
    So donot purchase this if you intend to be connected to the Telus network in Canada
    I would like to see all the Cell Phone modules listed with their IEMI numbers, then we as consumers would be able to make the correct decisions. I now have a modem module that I cannot use.

  • I just recived this GM862 module, and have to warn other Canadians who might purchase this. The only service provider for this GSM modem in Canada is Rogers. We tested two SIM Cards from Telus, and we could not get onto their system.

  • Just purchased a Geochron Blue. I can connect via Blue tooth Virtual Com port, and Hyperterminal on the initial setup of the SD card, i.e put in a formatted card, turn the unit on. Changing the config via Blue tooth works except for Hold off number is erratic, put in a 4 and get 11? also when finished Push 9 to terminate the Blue tooth. My question is how to reestablish blue tooth after this. The setting is enabled = 1, but cannot establish a connection after the config has been changed to the following.
    Mode = 1
    Log What = RMC;GGA;GSA
    Time Between Logs = 00:01:00
    Holdoff = 5
    WAAS = 0
    Bluetooth Active = 1

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