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  • Is anyone else having trouble with the sqrt(), log() and exp() functions in the Arduino environment? I tried to build a small capacitance meter with the Thing but when I use any of the above calls the ESP reboots. It appears as if there is a loop that takes too long to complete inside the these functions and the watchdog timer kicks the board out of the loop(). Any idea where/how to look into this?

  • Question from a newbie. I am considering the use of the TI MPC508 multiplexer: http://www.ti.com/lit/gpn/mpc508 . I would like to know how much current I can drive through it to affect a load on its output. I looked through and it was not clear to me where that information lies in the datasheet. Can anyone help point this out or show how to determine/compute this characteristic? The input source will be 12V DC capable of 2Amps. The load is an inductor that requires 12V and generates 4.8 Watts (from the inductor's specs).


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