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  • I'm definitely way too late, but for the benefit of anyone who wanders through...

    As I understand it, most desktop PCs just wire up the USB 5V line to the power supply's 5V line with minimal stuff in between since circuitry costs money and the PSU's got plenty of power to spare.

    It's the laptops (which are designed to manage battery life) that you've gotta watch out for. They usually DO have the circuitry to limit devices to their current allocation and, while I don't have a laptop and a power-heavy USB doodad to test with, I'm told the usual reaction to attempting to draw too much out of a laptop is for the supply to be cut off entirely.

  • Agreed... though, in my case, it's the USB cables that I have coming out my ears and the jumpers and alligator leads I may or may not have a few of.

    Probably best to just offer an option to buy the board completely on its own and let price-conscious users add whichever extra components we want to our carts manually.