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  • The binding posts do turn freely, but I cinched them down (tightly, but not TOO tightly) with a little wrench, and they're solid.

    I do concur with the comment about the rubber feet--they don't stay on. I'll probably replace them with square adhesive-backed feet which have a lower profile and larger surface area. You should also prep the surface with a little isopropyl alcohol to remove any surface oils, etc. before applying the feet.

  • 63/37 is eutectic (google it), so the Pb/Sn alloy melts nicely at the lowest possible temperature.

    I just picked up two spools of this for a super low price...thanks, SparkFun!

  • I just used one to automatically adjust the backlight on an LCD module connected to an Arduino. Made a voltage divider, connected the center to an analog input, scaled the value based on empirical observations, and used a PWM output pin connected to the LCD backlight. Cheap, easy, works like a charm. When ambient light is bright, the backlight is full-on, and in the dark, the backlight is (almost) full-off.